Watercolor Nail Art Design Ideas for Teen

Watercolor Nail Art Design Ideas for Teen

From past few years, nail art has been getting really popular, especially among the teens. With the poppy colors and creative use of nail colors, girls can make their tiny nails prettier and attractive.

Watercolor nail art designs are generally very delicate and bit difficult to create, but they surely add a remarkable impression to our nails. Here are some great nail art design ideas to accentuate the beauty of your nails.

Dots and Flowers

Getting the shape of flowers and petals is bit tough, but it looks way too much appealing and colorful. To make things easier, you can use acrylic paint to get the shape right, before putting the polish on.Watercolor_Nail_Art_Design_Ideas_for_TeenWatercolor_Nail_Art18 Watercolor_Nail_Art19

To create this look you can use white base color. By using shades like China Glaze Gothic Lolita or Rimmel Strawberry Frizz, you can paint petals and line them up with acrylic paint. Use black acrylic paint to create large dots on the remaining part of the nail.Watercolor_Nail_Art15


Watercolor daisies

The watercolor flower designs are immensely popular these days. To create this look, you must paint with a really light hand with a very little of polish on your brush. The entire daisies design will be painted with freehand using nail colors.Watercolor_Nail_Art14

To create a finish of water color wash, you can use nail polish thinner to thin the polish. Make the base color white and put down a bit of color on your nail and begin to pain the flower petals. Clear your brush with acetone and dip it in clear thinner.Use this brush to spread the nail color and create a water color wash look. Adorn your flowers with other touches of shades if needed. Similarly, add some thinner and paint down the stem as well.

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