The Best BBQ Chicken Kebabs Recipe

The Best BBQ Chicken Kebabs Recipe

The-Best-BBQ-Chicken-Kebabs“These bacon ranch chicken skewers were intended to star at your next tailgate cookout. They are easy, interesting, and incredibly adaptable.”

I have the best summer grilling recipe for you today. Really, the best. My original idea for these kabobs was pretty boring. Chicken + sauce. But then I thought, you know what this chicken needs?? BACON. Everything is better with bacon right? Right. So bacon came to join this party, and woah… thank heaven it did.

This isn’t your ordinary barbecue chicken. In fact, these BBQ Chicken Kebabs are the best barbecue chicken I’ve tasted. There are a few easy extra steps that really add a depth of flavor that you can’t get from just BBQ sauce.

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