You Can Kill the Bacteria That Causes Acne, Tooth Decay, Pneumonia And Tuberculosis by Just One Seed

You Can Kill the Bacteria That Causes Acne, Tooth Decay, Pneumonia And Tuberculosis by Just One Seed

Kidney-like seeds which are growing on the bottom of the cashew apple are native to the areas of Brazil.Cashew nuts have perfect healing properties which are able to eliminate the bacteria and cause acne,tooth decay,tuberculosis and pneumonia.These nuts can be found on the market,but you should also know that they contains caustic resin that needs to be removed before you start using them.Countries which are the leading producers f cashew nuts are India,Nigeria,Mozambique,Brazil and Tanzania.
If we somehow compare these nuts with other nuts we can find out that they have a lower fat content.They contain fatty acids which have 83% of the fats in the nuts,and 66%of the unsaturated fatty acids are the healthy monounsaturatued fats.Doctors are recommending cashew nuts for people who have problems with triglyceride.

Destroys Gram Positive Bacteria

The most effective compound in cashew nuts are the anacardic acids which have the possibility to kill the bacteria in our mouth which are causing acne,tooth decay,tuberculosis and leprosy.This acid can also get dissolved in 200000 parts and in this way it is enough to kill the Gram positive bacteria just for 10-15 minutes.Antioxidant,antitumor and anti-Helicobacter plyori properties are in the anacardic acid.

Latest studies which were published in Nature’s British Journal of Cancer have claimed that if people eat cashew nuts can decrease the risk of pancreatic cancer.But this can also lower the risk of developing gallstones.You can also combine cashew nuts in your everyday snack,salad or oatmeal.

Eating Cashew Nuts Reduce The Risk of Weight Gain

Recent researches from the Obesity journal have claimed that a significant percentage of people who ate nuts at least twice a week had lower risk to weight gain,compared to the others.If you want precisely evidences then you should know that those people who were eating nuts twice a week had a 31% less chance to gain weight.



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