5 Common And Annoying Mistakes People Do When They Start Jogging!

5 Common And Annoying Mistakes People Do When They Start Jogging!
Spring and summer are the perfect time of the year for starting a running program. The sun is shining and there are many reasons to be outside and run or jog. If you want to achieve incredible results with no pain and complications read this article and avoid the 5 mistakes that people do when they start running for the first time.
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Too fast

The first one and the most common is that they start and run too fast. It is very important to increase your pace gradually. If you start to run fast you will be exhausted in no time. Running will seem very difficult and eventually you will give up.

Solution to your problem

It is very important to keep a good pace. Remember that running requires small steps. You should start will a moderate pace and then increase it. This way you will enjoy running and build endurance. You can also use some simple applications such as RunKeeper that can help you to follow your speed.


We are sure that you have heard this simple rule: wearing wrong shoes while running can cause many problems. Wearing proper shoes does not mean there will be no blisters. There are other problems besides them such as: hip pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain etc.

Wrong shoes can be a silent killer of your running routine.

Solution to your problem

The best thing that you can do is to visit a running store and look for help and advices. They can help you to choose the proper shoes by discovering the areas where your feet feel pressure when you run and walk. Discover a whole new level of running with the proper shoes.

                                                                                 Unrealistic goals

Many people who run for the first time try to match up the other runners. But that is a wrong thing to do: every person is different and you only have to compete against yourself and no one else. If you run for the first time it will be very difficult for you to run 5k. In the end you won’t be motivated and you will give up. Remember to start with a small goal and then challenge yourself.

Solution to your problem

You have to begin with a realistic goal and build up endurance. You can start with a program that has rests in between sets. Afterwards you can run without breaks.

Improper fuel

We all know that a car cannot run without gas. The same applies for people. This means that you need to eat proper food and drink a lot of water.

Solution to your problem

We are all different and you can experiment in order to discover what is best for you. Here you can read true and tried solutions which work for most people. One hour before your run you should have a small meal that includes fats, carbs and proteins. For example: a slice of bread (whole wheat) with almond or peanut butter.

If you have more time, for example 2 hours before your run you can eat a larger portion. You can have bacon, eggs and a toast.

If you plan to go on a longer run you can take energy gels or fruit snacks with you. One of the best is Fruigees. They are organic, natural and made with real veggies and fruits.

Heel striking

Many people have not heard about this term. The overstriding means that you first land on your heel. This is bad because you can get an injury. The most common is shin splits.

Solution to your problem

You have to land on your mid-sole. In order to achieve this, your stride will have to be shorter, but this will help you a lot.

Source: The Science Of Eating

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